Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

I wa sonly semi-productive today, made 5 sales (one of which was only posted for 6 hours, so I am very proud!!), anddddd did a whole lot of lounging around.
I can't wait until Valentine's Day :) I get to spend it with Christian and to me, that's absolutely perfect.

I saw Dear John last weekend. They should re-name it: "Let Down." Was it just me or was I the only person that got the impression that the whole movie was going to be about John & Savannah's ROMANCE - not - John loves Savannah, stays devoted to her eventhough he's in the army, then Savannah leaves him for some creepy middle aged man with a kid because she feels sorry for him because he has cancer and his wife left him and his son is autistic, then Savannah has the NERVE to try to get back with him, and then after she BROKE his heart, he gives her probably HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars to save the creepy, dying, middle aged man for like 2 extra weeks? John, puh-lease!

Anywho, I was disappointed with the movie. Don't get me wrong, I still cried A LOT but the Notebook was wayyyyyyyy better in terms of romance. Oh and there's another Nicholas Sparks movie coming out? With Miley Cyrus? Yeah, ok, try again.

I need to cut my nails. I started making jewelry. I can forsee my nails not being so pretty after this ordeal. Anywho, I sold my first ever KimArt necklace (an Alice in Wonderland white rabbit necklace) today in SIX hours! and whats even better? It's going to....CHILE!!! Oy Vey I need to get out of here to send out my orders from the past two days! Snow, snow, go away!

This post is siginificantly longer than I expected it to be. I guess when it's 1:35 AM and you're kinda tired, but kinda hungry, you type more than you think you will. Tomorrow I have a bunch of things i COULD do. But WILL I do them? We'll see. I just want it to be Chinese New Year already!! Whoot Whoot!! SO excited :D

Christian's shoveling snow right now :( Poor baby, but let me also mention he gets paid 42/hr to do this so I feel slightly jealous. But I know my baby is cold, tired, and sore now. I think it's time for you to come home babe :) I have hot tea waiting for you <3

Oh oh I forgot to mention I joined the Lab Rats Team, Indie Free Spirits Team, and the Crafting in Color team. I need badges for all ya'll! Coming soon!


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