Monday, November 23, 2009

Long Overdue Shop Reviews - 1 of many to come...

First off, I owe a TREMENDOUS apology for this 2 month late show review. I had offered to do shop reviews back in late August/September, I ended up being completely overwhelmed by 5 classes +2 jobs + Etsy and could not get around to this until now. The holidays approahing = time off from school and work = clear mind :) I am also prepping for a new GIVEAWAY and oh boy I am making sure it's going to be goooood. Details later ;)
My sincerest apologies for my onto the good stuff!

(P.s. I will do only a few shop reviews at a time as to not overwhelm people...the last time I did this my list was about 15 shops long and I feel that it took away from the attention each shop received. My list this time is about 30 shops long....)


I personally (or maybe not to personally? lol) know this etsy seller from chat. I just learned this now, btw, but heartsabustin is actually a collaboration of two women from what I read in the shop profile. I believe, though, that the person I mainly talk to in chat is Erin (correct me if I'm wrong!) lol, anyway, this show is really awesome because they have really unique, one of a kind jewelry made from vintage findings, beads, etc.
The product photos are also really clear and make you want to buy the items. I love the use of color and their descriptions are also very well thought out. You can really tell that a lot of thought went in to making these products, as well as the listings.
The prices are really reasonable, as well. I think my favorite item (color, price, photo) is Leather and Turquoise and can be found here: Leather

I really love the photo, its colorful, bright, and clear!

Next up...we have amyjoscreations!

I don't personally know this seller, but I wish I did! From reading her short bio, I learned a lot about her. One of the biggest things I support on Etsy is Moms who craft and take care of their kids! Those are both really huge jobs! I love knitting and I love knitted things. This shop is really awesome because she sells the same really popular items for really great prices. For example, you can buy the fingerless gloves that look great for only 12 dollars!! She also has a really huge variety of things to choose from (more than 115 items in shop) and that is also really good if you're looking to find a variety of knitted goods.
I'm pretty sure my favorite item in shop is the Greens and Browns Knitted Scarflette it can be found here: Scarflette

The picture is great, the price is great (only 20 bucks!) and I really think that short cute scarves are in this season!

the last shop I have featured for today is thepaperbutton

I love it when students are creative and sell on Etsy (because thats what I do!) and its really awesome to see a successful shop in the paper business! I am a huge fan of original cards and such, and this shop has some really cute things. This shop has really cute Holiday Cards, Rings, and Magnets! I think that the photos this shop has are really awesome in terms of quality and composition. I love the photos of the holiday cards and gift tags ( I really want to buy some btw lol).
My favorite listing is the one for the Christmas Joy Adjustable Ring. It can be found here:

I love the photo, I guess you could say its "front page" worthy lol. This shop is also offering free shipping on orders over $30 until Cyber monday I believe. Please go look at this shop!

OK more tomorrow probably!
until next time... show me some love: KimArt Etsy Shop

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