Monday, August 10, 2009

Things Aren't Always What Thay Seem

...and that's my lesson for this week, month, year, 2 years, etc.

It's been a really long weekend and I'm really head really hurts. Anyway, I will be (hopefully) creating new paintings and cards and listing them on Etsy. I really need to make some new paintings because it has seriously been a while. I saw Incubus on Friday. I had 10th row seats - that was pretty awesome, I had fun. The sky was a weird orange color last night, then it turned purple - pretty weird! I also re-did alllll of my card photos on Etsy :D that took me absolutely what felt like forever, but I am so happy with my results!

I have a friend on Etsy that I would like to show off a bit...her soaps are featured in the Halloween Gift Guide! So awesome! Her shop name is AJSweetSoap, here's a link to my favorite Halloween soap so far: - who doesn't like candy corn?!

And here are a couple of pictures of my new cards!
That's all for now.... I want to take a nap :(

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