Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For the Love of Chat!

It's hard to explain our friendships, but through Etsy chat I have met some really interesting, nice, and creative people. I think it is important to help each other out and spread the word around about the talent that can be found in smaller shops. I'm tired of seeing the same featured shops over, and over, and over, and over again. There is SO much talent out there.
I have compiled a list of Etsy chatters that are kind people with a lot of talent. This list is by no means the full extent of the friendships I have formed on Etsy - you can look forward to more posts like these!!
Let's start this off (in no particular order):

**PittsburghCakeGirl - A Random Art shop **
Shipping from Pennsylvania, USA, this shop is a really cute place to visit if you're looking for an abundance of "random" art. I actually love shops that have a variety of areas to look at. Someone, I get bored just looking at a shop ONLY for one type of item. However, PittsburghCakeGirl sells pretty much everything - from jewelry, to paintings, to prints! Her shop announcement states it beautifully: "you'll find something that will look great in your home, office, or maybe even as a baby gift." Here is something I really liked from this shop:
8 x 10 Inked Flower Photo Print
This print is great for a bedroom, bathroom, or even a child's room. For a great price (only $15.00!) you can easily brighten up that dull spot on the wall :) What's nice is that she also offers a matted border around the photo so that you can just buy it and hang it right up! With unbeatable shipping within the United States, this shop is definitely a great place to go for prints, paintings, and jewelry!

**NotSoShabbyChic - Needle Felted Items, Accessories, and Supplies!**

Since I started becoming a regular in Etsy Chat, I pretty much talked to NotSoShabby (sometimes i call her "Shabby" for short lol) a minimum of a few times a week! She is super friendly, approachable, and VERY helpful - and these are all qualities I look for in a seller. Personally, I have bought four items from her shop, and I am very pleased with her variety of supplies. She has very cute fabric covered buttons, which won my heart over, and she have very adorable Needle Felted animals too! There are truly so many items from Shabby's shop that I want to buy...I just need more sales! lol :) She's a down to earth seller from NY that knows the importance of networking with other Etsians - I really enjoy her company and kind words in chat! Since fall is approaching, I thought it would be nice to showcase these:
Needle Felted Balls -- Autumn Leaves Marbled Colors Mix

With this listing you get 10 of these adorably colored needle felted balls. These are great and very versitile - perfect for scrapbooking, cardmaking, or even to put on scarves and hats! They are bargain priced and you won't find any as nice as these in any store! Her handmade jewelry is SO WONDERFUL! She knows how to combine pretty colors and create unique and stylish products! There are so many nice things in this shop I could go on forever (I really mean that from my heart <3)>

**Strawberryona! Beautiful Aprons, Tote bags, and Multi Purpose bags!

I truly believe this shop is "undiscovered." Being a complete newbie to Etsy, this seller has really set up a nice shop and I am so surprise she does not get more traffic because she deserves it! If you want to spice up your kitchen, I would suggest going to this shop. She sells tons of Aprons and kitchen accessories, I do not even know where to begin. Additionally, she uses bright colors with are great in the kitchen! Her towels and pot holders especially are wonderfully priced. My favorite item from her shop (very hard to pick just ONE, by the way) would be:
Daisy Mae Pink half Apron

Not only is this apron beautifully handmade, it is also only $20.00!!! You will not find another like this in any shop, I know that for sure! It is a beauty to look at and is made of cotton and pretty lace. There is no reason why you shouldnt feel pretty while you cook! The listing has measurement details and you can also see her other aprons from click the link to her shop. This apron really WILL make everyone want to kiss the cook! :)

**"Kimberlee881 -Blue Moon" - Everything Handpainted!**
This shop has been around for over a year but hasn't gotten much traffic! It's a shame too, because handpainted items are always unique and make special gifts! this seller offers a wide variety of hand painted items: jars, bottles, statues, etc. She even sells pendants that make for awesome unique jewelry! Today was my first time meeting this seller in the chatroom and I must say, she is very knowledgeable and eager to help others out. I hope I run into her more often in the chat room and I will look forward to checking back for her shop updates! The first thing that caught my eye was her charming banner :) Here is a favorite from the shop:
Wedding Ring Pillows
This pillow is really beautifully made. Whats really great about these is that they are hand painted. if you have a really unique design, or want a specific color scheme, these pillow can be made to match! You can tell from the photo that they are truly beautiful and will add a nice homemade and One of a Kind touch to your reception! Also, the price for this hand painted pillow is cheaper than other mass produced ring pillows - and this one is made to match perfectly!

**Knittopotamus - Knitted/Crocheted items!**

Yet another new chatter I met today! I was pleasantly surprised with this shop and the very first item caught ym eye immediately. The first thing I noticed about this shop was that this seller ships within 24 hours which is REALLY great! She also takes custom requests, so if You can't find what you want in her large inventory, then she can most likely make it for you anyway! She sells stuffed toys and pendants as well for great gift ideas! My favorite item from my shop which is also the first item i looked at is:
This bear definitely took a lot of time and care to make! The colors are really really bright and pretty! This would make an awesome gift for a child or even an adult. You really can't go wrong with the knitted/crocheted items from this shop because they all look perfect and colorful! Also, for the price, this bear is a bargain. You'd pay almost as much in the store for a mass produced item! Buy handmade!

**Tuscan Blooms - Jewelry and other random things! **
Also an Etsy newbie, I met this seller today in Chat. Not only was she SUPER friendly, but she has pillows in her shop THAT I WANT IN EVERY COLOR! I love owls! Also - she has unbeatable prices. I've seen some pillow shops on etsy, but I cannot bring myself to spend 30 dollars on a pillow. For HALF the price, Tuscan Blooms has really unique designs and I am also sure you can work with her if you want something she doesn't have listed. EVERYTHNG is this shop is modestly priced. Like I said, I love her stuff. I already have one thing on reserve and I plan on buying another piece in 2 weeks. Here is what I put on reserve:
I dont even know where to begin with this pillow.....well first off, it's MINE all MINE and you can't buy it!! It's just under 1 square foot big and it's going to look FAB on my new bed at my apartment. The owl is made of felt and btw, I LOVE owls. I am buying this pillow in another color too. The fabric is just wonderful and I love the bright bold colors that POP!!! sighhh I can't wait to hold this in my arms :)

**Blue Shoe Studio - Great Jewelry!!**
i've been running into this seller more and more in chat! She is really sweet and down to earth. I actually really found her profile on her shop really ncie to read. On Etsy, I'm all about really nice sellers and people that present themselves nicely or seem really interesting. I really like this shop because she has great photos and great prices. You are really getting high quality jewelry and great service. She is still undiscovered, but I hope this will get her some more traffic. Here is something I really liked while browsing through her shop:
Double Strand Pearl BraceletThis seller uses a lot of pearls in her jewelry. I love this piece because I feel like it is a classic essential part of every woman's wardrobe to have a pearl bracelet. Pearls are really classy and look great with ANY color! She hand knots these on silk and 14k gold filled clasps. This is a really nice gift for you to buy for yourself or for a mother, grandmother, niece, daughter, etc!!

**MopTopMaven - Handcrafted Hair Accessories **

Since this shop just opened, I would take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING! This is my first time meeting this seller in the chat, and she was super sweet and friendly, and I am eager to help her get some promotion! Her name is Melanie and she seems really approachable and easy to work with. Her shop features all kinds of handmade hair accessories, and they are all especially unique and really well priced! Not to mention she is all shipping for FREE and she just opened up shop about 2 months ago. Here is one thing i found and really liked from her shop:
Dainty Rose Woven Snap hairclip

For 6 bucks and free shipping, these clips are a STEAL. I love that fact that they are made out of ribbon and I love the layered look of them. The layers og green and purple look really nice with the white rose and I am confident that these will sell quickly. The photos are great too - you can tell she took the time to really showcase her items in nice natural light. Also, these are not teeny tiny clips, they are about 2 inches big, so thats awesome. Theyre big enough for people with short hair and also big enough to not get lost on the head of someone with longer hair! :)\

**Gwendolyn Peas - handmade accessories and more fun stuff! **

Last but definitely not least, Gwendolyn Peas is the last shop I am reviewing today! She is hosting a hugeee back to school sale, so I would take advantage of that if I were you! I absolutely love her charms, and I feel in love with the bunny cellphone/purse charms she made. She also has really adorable cupcake soap! The really great thing about this shop is that she has a ton of variety - she has 97 things listed in her shop! Here is one of my fave's:
10 Cupcake Soaps

These soaps are perfect to be given as party favors, a baby shower gift, birthday gift, stocking stuffer, etc etc. I love that she is selling a set of 10 so you can give them to multiple people! They come in fun, bright colors which is another great thing as well!

Special shout out to Victoria! SO sorry I forgot to put you in the first time!

**Bijoux Par Victoire - Jewels by Victoria **

I first met this girl in chat. Right off the bat we totally clicked and I thought she was totally hilarious! I soon found out she was a student just like me, and that she also didn't live too far from me! I've personally had a transaction with her and it went soooo smoothly I couldn't have asked for a better Etsy exchange :) I love her shop because she is so talented and also offers her goods at VERY reasonable prices. For chatters that see her regularly - you know she will always give you a good deal on items!! Here is a favorite of mine from her shop:
Midnight Woven Seed Bead bracelet

I think that this item is photographed wonderfully and that makes me what this even more. I can really visualize what this bracelet would look like when the sun hits it because her picture is so wonderful! (This should be your main pic for the bracelet btw lol.) I also love the color blue, but the price is so reasonable there is no reason NOT to buy it (except that I own way too much jewelry! lol). I know for sure someone is going to snatch this up soon!

Ok so that concludes my shop reviews for now. I know there are TONS of people I did not review that i talk to regularly in chat, but I hope to make this type of pot a bi-weekly sort of thing. Please feel free to comment on this blog post, heart these shops, or heart (and cart! ) these items (just NOT MY RESERVED PILLOW!) lol. All of the links go either to the shop or the specific item I chose to feature. Please spread the kindness and follow my blog, facebook, or heart my shop and get in touch with me if you'd like to be featured on my next big review post! I love you all and thank you so much for always brightening up my day in Etsy Chat! *hearts & hugs*
p.s. I have new holiday cards listed! ;)


  1. i was wondering where i was lol.

    cant wait for it though :)

  2. Hey Kim,

    Just to let you know that I've received your giveaway. I LOOVEEE your cards! My favorites are the ones that says 'heartfelt thanks' and 'sending all my love'. Too pretty! I'm definitely going to be using these cards for my loved ones. I've also given the lovely brooch to my mom and she loves it! Thank you!!

    Nice picks btw. I have my eye on the pink half apron :D