Monday, July 6, 2009

I have a July?!

Ok so as I type this I am battling my own body. I feel like people beat me in the head with a sledge hammer and I have a sore throat and a runny nose. Good stuff. The funny thing is that I have not had a cold since October of 2008. Way to go, body! Now on to less infectous topics....

I posted about 8 new cards thursday (or was it wednesday?) last week! fun fun fun! Today I couldn't even muster up the energy to make ONE card - that's how I know I am really sick. I feel so sluggish and yucky :P

I have also decided that I will be taking a true VOYAGE! next summer via Semester At Sea. It's run through the University of Virginia and I will be taking 9-12 credits, depending on what courses I choose to sign up for. Here are the hotspots I will be traveling to:

- Spain (hola!)

- Italy

- Athens, Greece

- Morocco

- Bulgaria

- Egypt (lets see how this goes esp since I can't stand the heat)

- Croatia ( I know nothing about this country yet lol)

- and I think there are 1 or 2 more places. Oh yeah, I forgot - I depart from Nova Scotia, Canada yayyy!

So yes, I cannot wait until next summer. I am going to start to put my application together and stuff and I already had a very lengthy discussion with the Global Services Center in Verizon to plan which international phone services I will be using and which international blackberry I will be getting next year hehehehe.....I now feel more at ease!

I also just received an 8 card order with is more than exciting. On a side note, I feel like I am losing my voice.....:(


  1. will seriously get credit points for holidaying in these cities?....lucky you!

  2. Enjoy the days and nights in these cities, bet it'll be inspiring for you ...are you taking a camera or a journal??
    Lucky lady, I look forward to your observations of each area if you have time! I can just imagine the card ideas you will have from this trip!

  3. i know! I am so excited! I will be taking a great professional camera and journaling both in writing and online! I cant imagine the influences I will gain for my art but I cant bear to think of temporarily closing my etsy shop! hahaha