Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well, technically, today is the 17th...but I feel like writing about yesterday.

Yesterday was Christian's 23rd Birthday! We had so much fun; sushi, fried ice cream, chinese food, and lots of tea filled our stomachs! lol. Mike and Alex always make for a good laugh.

I'm eager to find a website dedicated to the worst (grammatically incorrect, mispelled, confusing) fortunes ever (the kind you get out of fortune cookies).

Christian is visiting me at work today yayy! He looks so cute in this brand nw Express shirt. Part of the reason why I love his birthday so much is because I cna buy him all of these nice things and he can't stop me lol.

I'm so tired. too. My sleep schedule is allllll over the place. I barely ever go to bed earlier than 2 am now, which is a big no-no since I'm working all next week.

I love Etsy. All three of my orders from last week were shipped and already delivered!


Till next time........

KimArt <3

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