Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring over =[

"God will sometimes break you so that he can remake you."

It's been a while since I posted, I know. Tonight is my last night of spring break and I'm kinda bummed. At least I had fun =] I got to spend the last 10 or 11 days at Christian's place, so I'm really happy. He convinced me to stay my whole break.....I jsut couldn't say no to his puppy eyes <3

I really don't want to go back to schoo. Ok, just had to get that out there lol.

I finally went to a Pearl Paint (yeah, I know I know). It was amazing. It was as if the gates of heaven opened and gave me Pearl Paint. I had a blast to say the least, and didn't dent my bank account ;]

Christian played 2 shows while i was staying over his place. That was cool. i am very aware that this entry is barely even art related. Well I guess you can consider that since I took pictures when I was down there, that that is somewhat artistic. So yeah, I took pics when I was down there. Lots. I also had a very interesting experience trying to get into Bar-A (Bar Anticipation) in Belmar for one of his shows......being underage is such a hassle sometimes. it was alright though, I really don't see what all the hype is about that place anyway. It looked divey, nothing special at all. Then he played at the Saint the next night. Some assholes in the crowd had some comments to make about Jay's sarcasm, but it's w/e. If you don't know Jay, you won't get his humor. it's slightly cynical and depressing, but mostly funny.

I had so much laundry to do!

Also, I was supposed to hang out with some people over break. Well I guess it's too abd cuz I ditched them for Christian haha but I am so sick of having people like ask me to hang out, then not follow up with me. i don't get it, it's so pointless. Why'd you even ask? I'm just going to start ignoring those people when they text me or send me emails or whatever. hahaha do you have those friends that don't text you back when you KNOW for a fact they are always on their phone (or so it seems when you hang out with them) but when you text them, they either take an entire day to respond, or don't respond at all? Yeah that's messed up. I remember shit like that. Ok I'm just venting, but I really don't get it. Anyway, I miss some EB people. and some Rutgers people. Only some. I don't wanna go back to school and work on Monday. blahhhhh

if you go to Rutgers, christians band is playing on Friday the 27th. it should be a good time.


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